About Us

Thank you for taking a moment to learn a little about Good Fellas Technology. My name is Andrew Buccellato, and I am the founder and operator. I got into coding about 4 years after I graduated college with the help of a very close friend who introduced me to full stack coding. While I do not have a degree in computer science, I have taken several online bootcamps and classes, finding a serious love for coding and learning that sparked my interest in creating this company. I hope that we can make your web design dreams come true as we offer many different solutions to your problems, and we are are not afraid to tackle any project. Please remember that no project is too small to need our help!



Starting a project and struggling for inspiration? Let us design your user's online expreience to increase traffic. We can build custom UIs or use a system you already love.


Is something not working quite right? We love puzzles! Let us debug your code and help squash those bugs that are making your system malfunction. No Project is too small.


Trust us to find the best hosting platform for you. We have great experience deploying sites on a variety of platforms, so let us do the work for you.

How We Got Our Name

Everything starts with my grandfather, who was born in Castellammare, Italy, and his journey to bringing my family to the United States. My grandfather grew up in a modest house and contracted polio while he was young, leaving him with a stiff leg. When he was 15 he made his first voyage to America striving for a better life, but his plan was cut short as family problems forced him back home.

Five years later he returned to America to stay, paving the foundation for my family and the immense success we are fortunate to have. One amazing trait about my grandfather was his resilience. He had every excuse to give up and return home, but he never quit. He simply did the work that was required and more, without excuses, and went on to build four successful businesses in four different industries.

He was the rare man who understood that service comes before anything and people matter. He was the consummate gentleman, a loving husband, and a dedicated father of four. He had immense success in all areas of his life and was able to pass those attributes to all of his sons, one of which I am proud to call my father. His dedication and work ethic is the foundation of our business, and we promise to deliver to those qualities in our work for you.

So back to our name, Good Fellas. Since my family is Italian, and from the wonderful island of Sicily, everyone thinks we are part of the Mafia. While we are not directly related to it (I have my suspicions), growing up, my friend used to love to joke that my family would “take care of business” if opeople acted out. Obviously, this opportunity was just too great to pass up and so we want our services to resemble the mafia (minus the illegal side of things of course): quick, clean and your problems are gone.