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Please take a minute to explore some of our latest projects. If you have any questions or would like to learn more, please contact us.

BK Sales LLC

Platform: Wordpress (PHP)

Details: This custom WordPress theme is a single-page app that gets users to the information they need quickly. Instead of having multiple pages that would require many clicks to find information, this site is responsive and gets users directly to what they need. Includes a contact form and smooth-scroll feature to allow users to jump around sections quickly and smoothly.

East Lake Neighborhood Association

Platform: Wordpress + WooCommerce (PHP)

Details: This custom WordPress theme was built with a neighborhood's need in mind. A side navigation layout allows for quick access to the most current events and posts, giving it's home owners the information they need quickly. We integrated an events calendar to allow ticket sales and other event options before building in the e-commerce platform WooCommerce for annual dues and other small items.

All Source Building Services

Platform: Wordpress (PHP)

Details: This project was unique because we had to create both a custom post type and a custom taxonomy to help this business achieve their goals. Creating a custom post type allowed us to showcase their many business offerings under the custom taxonomy organization that boosts the SEO. A complicated project that required some special loops and coding to make a site that is easy to navigate and very informative.