Why Consistency Matters on Social Media

Wed Oct 04 2023

TL/DR: Discover how consistent posting on social media can supercharge your brand's visibility and engagement. Dive into this enlightening case study that explores the magic of keyword research, SEO captions, and content calendars in boosting organic impressions and reel views. Get 3 hidden tricks at the end!

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The Good Fellas Agency Why Consistency Matters on Social Media

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In today's digital world, the power of social media is undeniable. Each platform offers a unique way to connect with your audience and share your brand's story. But, simply being on social media isn't enough. Consistency is key, and it can significantly affect your online visibility and reputation. In this post, we will delve into why consistency matters on social media, and how maintaining a steady presence can influence your engagement rates, brand recognition, customer trust, and ultimately, your bottom line.

How We Tested How Consistency Matters

If anyone noticed that our social media went flat for a week or two, that was planned. While this is not what most companies would normally do, we wanted to get a clear indication of what it would be like for a company starting completely from scratch to get traction on social media platforms and what to expect for their Digital Marketing. We normally post on 3 platforms: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn so we stuck with those 3 platforms.

What Types of Posts Did You Test?

We tried to make things as universal as possible. We stuck to Reels and shared links to posts on all platforms (so no one platform would see an advantage). What was wild to us was that on each platform we got wildly different results on the different post types. Facebook went nuts over reels and LinkedIn was all about the articles. Instagram was a combination of the two with carousels getting more views and traction after the reels started populating. We'll expand on this more in the results at the end.

How often did we post?

We tried to write one blog post and post one reel per day. These were new bits of content that we thought would help users and would also be targeted at the services we offer as well. What is interesting is that some things we thought would be very catchy and trendy got very low views and other broad topics we thought were boring seemed to really catch on. We will get into that more in the results to follow.

What was the content we posted about?

Since we provide services for Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Website Design, we decided to have at least one reel on each and a blog post on each of them. There was no order to the days we chose to post the content, but we did learn something we think is important for your content calendars that we will be advising clients about.

The Results to Prove Posting Consistently Matters

Overall we posted 5 reels to Instagram and Facebook, we posted 5 links to articles on all platforms, and on LinkedIn, we added 5 posts that were updated to balance the load across all 3 platforms. In total, we put out about 15 pieces of content, we used roughly 45 unique hashtags, and we targeted 15 seed keywords (focus keywords). We did this amount because we felt that even a small business that has very few employees could keep this pace up and not feel overwhelmed. Let's get into what you are all here for the growth stats.

Stats That Stood Out

On Facebook, we saw our reach go from 0 to 1,600 for an estimated increase of 2500%, including 6 new followers that were cold leads (had 0 interactions or views from our posts before). This is staggering because after only 5 reels we were able to get our message out to over 1,400 people who had never seen us before.

That is staggering growth that was on the verge of viral.

We were shocked by how effective the reels were and it in turn helped our link sharing grow. On Monday we had 1-2 shares, but by Friday we had 42 links shared, 20 reels shared, and 77% of those shares came from followers, meaning we had almost 30% of shares from people we didn't even know existed to start the week.

On LinkedIn one of the more shocking things was how fast our organic impressions grew from post to post. Starting out we were lucky if we got to 40 organic impressions when we posted. After we were done posting links and the week concluded we had spiked to 500 organic impressions that week. That means that our keyword research matched our profile and what people were searching for very well and would continue to grow.

On Instagram, we saw our reels views explode. Three of our reels have surpassed the numbers we expected (we expected to get around 100 views organically per reel). We also noticed a significant increase in reel views when we wrote targeted SEO captions that matched captions in the videos and search terms.

We were able to reach 605 total accounts total, including 529 non-follower accounts. This is a great number to achieve coming from 0 in week 1. We had 4 of our 5 reels exceed 200 views which was double what we would anticipate since 2 of the keywords we targeted had a difficulty in the 30s which is difficult to grab on social media from a cold start.

What we Didn't Do

We didn't try and sell. Everything we posted that we are counting as part of this quick case study was information. We also did not pay to boost anything because we wanted to track organic numbers not people looking to make a purchase. We did this because targeting people looking for a transaction doesn't translate to every industry.


Our conclusion is pretty clear and there is a rhythm to social media posting. We did feel that by the end of the week, there was some fatigue in our approach, but overall these are the core 3 things we noticed the most:

  1. Posting Reels is the best way to showcase your brand to non-followers.
  2. On LinkedIn, making a post without a link is more powerful than sharing a link to a blog post.
  3. Facebook users shared our posts more frequently than any other platform.

We also noticed that each platform's unique algorithm weighs things differently. We noticed on Facebook that if a non-follower shared one of our reels the total views exploded in a short amount of time. We also noticed that Instagram boosted the one carousel we made after 2 reels had surpassed 100 views, so it is true that Instagram is now operating 4 separate algorithms that use data from each other (we can now prove it).

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