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Boost Your SEO Rankings With Our Free Audit

Is your website not performing, or even showing up on search engines? We run more than 100 of the most important SEO checks on any website in under 1 minute. Our Free SEO Audit is the solution you need. Here's a preview of what you'll learn from our free SEO Audit.

Good FEllas Agency SEO Audit
  • Technical SEO Analysis: We'll find any hidden technical issues that could be limiting your site's visibility and performance.
  • Content Analysis: Evaluate your content for optimization opportunities. Goodbye, lackluster content! Hello, engaging and SEO-friendly text!
  • Keywords Analysis: Are you targeting the right keywords? We'll find out and help you redefine your keyword strategy for maximum ranking impact.
  • Backlinks Analysis: We'll analyze your internal and external linking strategies, a key factor in your site's domain authority.
  • User Experience: Is your website user-friendly? We'll assess its usability and offer improvements to keep visitors engaged and coming back for more.

What To Expect In the Free SEO Audit Report

Our Free SEO Audit Report, ready in under a minute, provides a comprehensive analysis spanning several crucial SEO parameters. It includes an in-depth examination of your on-page and off-page SEO, a thorough backlink audit, as well as a detailed competitor analysis.

This powerful tool enables you to understand and improve your website's SEO health swiftly and effectively.

The Good Fellas Agency Free SEO Audit On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO

Our SEO Audit Tool digs deep into every aspect of your website's On-Page SEO, from header tag usage and keyword consistency to image alt attributes and canonical tags.

Plus, we provide easy-to-follow instructions on rectifying these issues tailored to your CRM.

The Good Fellas Agency Free SEO Audit Search Engine Visibility

Search Engine Accessibility

Our audit ensures your webpage is easily accessible by search engines, checking for hindrances like noindex tags that could potentially cause your pages to be overlooked.

We evaluate the functionality of your robots.txt file and examine whether your website's navigation is search engine friendly, and the efficacy of your XML sitemap, ensuring it is accurate, up-to-date and effectively guiding search engines through your site’s content.

The Good Fellas Agency Free SEO Audit Keyword Rankings

Keyword Rankings

Understand your current keyword rankings. Our audit provides a detailed summary of your site's ranking keywords, their estimated search volumes, and traffic.

Our SEO audit highlights opportunities for keyword optimization and suggests new, high-volume keywords to target. This crucial insight allows you to strategically update your content, thereby attracting more organic traffic and improving your overall SEO ranking.

The Good Fellas Agency Free SEO Audit Backlink Profile

Backlink Profile

Your site's backlink profile plays a crucial role in your ranking. Our audit tool offers insights into your total backlinks, referring domains, and Domain Authority, plus a sneak peek into some of your most valuable backlinks.

Our Free SEO Audit also checks for spammy backlinks that might hurt your site's reputation and search engine ranking. We help you identify and remove these harmful links, ensuring a clean and robust backlink profile.

The Good Fellas Agency Free SEO Audit Device REsponsive

Device Responsiveness & Core Web Vitals

With mobile-first indexing gaining ground, our SEO Audit ensures your website is mobile and tablet-friendly. It also provides your Google PageSpeed and Core Web Vitals scores instantly.

We not only gauge the responsiveness of your site on various devices but also assess its loading speed, which can greatly influence user experience, bounce rate, and consequently, your site's ranking on search engines.

The Good Fellas Agency Free SEO Audit Page Speed

Page Size & Load Speed

A slow-loading page can be a deal-breaker. We'll provide critical metrics related to your page load speed and size, helping you make necessary improvements.

Your SEO Audit report will also highlight large files or scripts that might be slowing down your site. This information can be instrumental in helping you streamline your site's performance, improve page load times, and ultimately enhance user experience.

The Good Fellas Agency Free SEO Audit Social Media Elementse

Social Media Elements

We understand the significance of a robust social media presence, and our audit includes a comprehensive overview of your website's integration with key platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Our audit helps you ensure that your social media channels are seamlessly integrated with your website, optimizing your social media marketing efforts.

The Good Fellas Agency Free SEO Audit Local SEO Basics

Local SEO Basics

For brick-and-mortar businesses, local SEO is pivotal. Our audit checks for the presence of your Google Business Profile and verifies the accuracy of your business contact details.

Our Free SEO Audit also delivers actionable insights to amplify your local SEO strategy, ensuring that your business is highly visible in local search results. We provide a solid foundation for your local SEO efforts, positioning you to attract more local customers and dominate your geographical market.

Prioritized List of Issues and Recommendations

Our Audit Report not only identifies potential SEO issues but also provides a prioritized list of recommendations for enhancing your website's SEO performance. This strategic guidance enables you to focus your efforts on areas that yield the highest impact to climb up the SEO rankings.

Whether it's optimizing your site's loading speed, refining your keyword strategy, or boosting your local SEO efforts, our tailored advice will enable you to implement effective changes quickly and efficiently.

Ready to Maximize Your SEO Performance?

Don't stay in the shadows when your website can shine on the first page of search results. Our Free SEO Audit gives you insights and tools to unlock your website's full potential.

It's time to take the first step towards improving your SEO and boosting your website traffic. Start your Free SEO Audit Report now and embark on the journey to extraordinary results.