Mon Jan 09 2023

TL/DR: From more immersive experiences to chatbots and voice search, here are the 5 design trends we can't wait to see in 2023!

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The Good Fellas Agency TOP 5 DESIGN TRENDS THAT WILL RULE 2023

As we move into 2023, we can expect to see a lot of changes in the design world. From more immersive experiences to chatbots and voice search, here are the five design trends that will rule the year!

The Good Fellas Agency- 5 design trends in 2023- the chatbot

The Rise of the Chatbot

Chatbots are revolutionizing customer service and marketing by providing businesses with a 24/7 solution to customer inquiries, as well as orchestrating personalized customer experiences. Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots provide an efficient way for businesses to automatically answer customer inquiries, gather useful data, and capture customer details in order to build email lists and retarget customers. Chatbots offer endless possibilities and help businesses build their online presence, chatbot technology can do everything from providing FAQs to booking appointments and even helping customers purchase products. Businesses are taking advantage of chatbots because the more customers chatbots can address at one time, the more efficient and cost-effective it is for organizations.

What Chatbots stand out?

Chatbot GBT and ChipBot have definitely been the conversation starters lately. With their innovative blend of user input and AI technology, they have become the must-have tools for video chat aficionados. Chatbot GBT and Chipbot offer users a totally unique experience that combines the humanistic elements of conversation with the efficiency of AI - which is a winning combination if you ask me. These two chatbots definitely stand out because they have a defined target market and they are both easy to use.

What makes them special?

ChipBot is truly unique because you can be the face of your business and sell in person while online. It's a great feature that gives a personal touch to your business and helps guide users to prescripted funnels you can define and execute. Chat GBT is a little more open-ended making creatives the target market. Giving Simple commands that can let Chat GBT go on for pages without any human interaction is a major selling point. The only drawback is that it can get repetitive since it is a bot and is following the simple commands it is given. Overall these two trail blazers are changing the way that online eCommerce is completed and driving others to follow their path.

The Good Fellas Agency- 5 Design Trends of 2023

Less Navigation

Businesses are taking advantage of the rising prevalence of interactive AI-powered chatbots by using them to naturally steer customer navigation within their websites. Instead of navigation menus, users are now presented with directed conversations with tailored call-to-action and buttons. This intuitive navigation experience helps streamline browsing and boosts conversion rates, illustrating the value behind utilizing these cutting-edge tools.

How will it work?

With fewer navigation items we think that buttons and live searches will help users navigate to specific pages without the need for stepped navigation. Expect to see buttons or related item cards to help you navigate to up-sells or cross-sales as you select items to purchase. AJAX carts allow adding items to shopping carts without leaving refreshing the page, with suggested items being shown to you from AI or the chatbots we mentioned above.

Voice Search

The emergence of voice search and chatbots powered by AI is revolutionizing the way that users interact with websites. Voice search technology allows users to quickly and easily ask questions out loud, with auto-complete functions providing them with the best possible results. This breakthrough technology ensures that voice searching will be an integral part of our continued development into the digital world for years to come.

Larger Title Text with Fewer Words

If titles could talk, they'd be shouting to be seen. As more people turn to a scanning approach rather than reading between the lines, titles have become bigger and bolder - employing capital letters and larger fonts to literally grab our attention while keeping their wording brief and sweet. While many titles prefer the show not tell the approach of leaving the details behind, they all have direct links so readers can find out more if they wish. And such is life in a world where titles fight to emphasize their point - bigger and bolder truly is better.

The Good Fellas Agency example design layout

More Images

It's not an exaggeration to say businesses now consider hero images worth 1000 words. After all, hero images dominate the whole screen and convey a product better than words ever could. In some cases, hero images are used to entirely replace words - an especially useful tactic when language barriers exist or when viewers simply prefer visuals over text. And while hero images have become invaluable tools for businesses, they have also given rise to a new job role: hero image creator! That's right -- there are professionals dedicated solely to creating striking hero images that capture the attention of their target audience and get them talking.

In Conclusion

As AI technology continues to develop, it is clear that chatbot technology, paired with the key elements of making a website more chatbot friendly - less navigation, bigger bolder header fonts, more images, and preparing for voice search - is no longer a nice-to-have but an absolute necessity. By staying ahead of the curve and being proactive in your measures to incorporate the latest trends into your website design, you can make a significant difference when it comes to getting those precious customer clicks. This can only be accomplished by exploring new technologies such as the utilization of chatbots. Don't wait! Start learning about how these technologies can benefit you and take the plunge today! Learn more about how leveraging AI-powered solutions like chatbots can help strengthen your online presence now!