Good Fellas Growth Plan- Planning and Strategy

Plan Your Perfect Digital Marketing Solution

We conduct a thorough business analysis, create clear goals, and define your target audience in step 1 of the Growth Plan.

In-Depth Business Analysis For A Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solution

To kickstart this process, we first conduct an in-depth business analysis to understand your current business situation, marketing goals, and challenges. Our approach includes a SWOT analysis, customer and prospect research, competitor benchmarking, and a detailed review of your current marketing environment. This allows us to develop a Growth Plan tailored to your business.

SWOT Analysis

  1. Identifying Strengths: We pinpoint your business's internal advantages to learn how to maximize your strengths.
  2. Analyzing Weaknesses: We uncover areas for potential improvement to increase the floor of your marketing efforts..
  3. Spotting Opportunities: We identify external factors your business could profit from in your industry's niche.
  4. Evaluating Threats: We assess external challenges that could hinder your growth in your industry.

SEO Performance Audit

  1. Identify Technical SEO Issues: correct and address on-page and off-page SEO issues preventing you from ranking.
  2. Page Speed Optimization: We use Google's PageSpeed Insights to measure the performance of a page for mobile and desktop devices.
  3. Analyze Keywors & Metadata: We crawl your site to find keywords opportunities and make sure those keywords are placed correctly.
  4. Traffic Analytics: We use Google Analytics to learn your website's vistors habits and traffic sources.

Content Gap Analysis

  1. Identifying Gaps: We review your existing content to identify areas where you could provide more information or address topics that have not been thoroughly covered.
  2. Analyzing Audience Needs: We use insights from customer research to identify topics that your audience is interested in but that your current content does not cover.
  3. Strategizing for New Content: Armed with this information, we help you brainstorm and strategize new content that effectively fills these gaps and meets audience needs.

Reviewing Current Marketing

  1. Analyzing Current Strategy: We assess the effectiveness of your current marketing efforts.
  2. Identifying Improvement Areas: We suggest modifications to enhance your current strategy.
  3. Evaluating Market Trends: An in-depth analysis of prevailing market trends in your industry, ensuring that your business remains a strong competitor in the market.
  4. Assessing Technological Integration: We assess how well your current marketing strategy integrates with relevant technologies, including assessing your use of social media, CRMs, and other marketing tools.

Clear Data-Driven Digital Marketing Goals & Objectives

After we've conducted an SEO Audit, reviewed your present marketing initiatives, and carried out a SWOT analysis, we use this data as a foundation for developing a data-driven marketing strategy tailored uniquely for your business. We create clear, measurable goals and objectives that align with your business's overall objectives ensuring your marketing budget is targeted, effective, and improves your ROI.

Our approach at Good Fellas is to help you set specific, measurable goals such as increasing website traffic by 30%. We emphasize KPIs that drive real business results over vanity metrics.

The Good Fellas Growth Plan Attack Data-Driven KPIs for Measurable Results

Attack Data-Driven KPIs for Measurable Results

To ensure measurable results that truly matter for your business, we establish quantifiable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for you to track your digital marketing strategy efforts. Our focus includes:

  • Benchmarking Starting Metrics: This helps us track progress and changes throughout our campaigns.
  • Reach: The number of individuals or households exposed to our campaign.
  • Engagement: This measures how well your audience interacts with your content.
  • Conversions: This reflects how effectively we're driving your audience to complete desired actions.
 The Good Fellas Growth Plan Creates Your Success Roadmap for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Create Your Digital Marketing Solution Success Roadmap

Creating a roadmap for your digital marketing strategy is pivotal to your business success. Our four-step approach ensures that your marketing initiatives are well-planned, strategically targeted, and consistently reviewed and refined to meet your changing business needs.

  • Prioritize Initiatives: We identify and rank short and long-term initiatives based on their potential impact, feasibility, and alignment with your business objectives.
  • Task Allocation: Clear outline of tasks, timelines, and responsibilities. This ensures accountability and prompt execution of all initiatives.
  • Schedule Reviews: We set a schedule for goal reviews to assess performance, identify areas of improvement, and recalibrate goals as needed.
  • Agility in Action: We build flexibility into the roadmap to allow for swift responses to changes in the business environment or industry trends.

Understanding Your Audience for Enhanced Reach

Understanding your audience is pivotal. We know that audience segmentation, how to effectively engage your audience, and identifying a clear audience persona is critical for your business' digital marketing success.

The Good Fellas Growth Plan Crafting Personalized Messages Through Demographic Analysis

Crafting Personalized Messages Through Demographic Analysis

We use a comprehensive 3-step process for crafting personalized messages for your audience through demographic analysis:

  • Gather Basic Demographics: Collect data related to your audience's age, gender, location, and income level to gain a broad understanding of who they are.
  • Identify Psychographics and Lifestyles: Understand the interests, behaviors, and attitudes of your audience to determine why they make certain decisions.
  • Overlay Data with Ideal Customer Profile: Compare your collected demographic data with your ideal customer profile to identify any gaps. We can optimize our messaging and targeting strategies to ensure your marketing messages are targeted, relevant, and effective.
 The Good Fellas Growth Plan Convert Pain Points To Marketing Opportunities

Convert Pain Points To Marketing Opportunities

Understanding your audience's pain points is crucial to developing a successful marketing strategy. By identifying these challenges, we tailor our approach to connect with them to create engagement and conversions.

  • Understand The Competition: Investigate areas where your competitors have an advantage.
  • Analyze Market Trends: Keep an eye on industry trends and market conditions to predict future changes and prepare for them in advance.
  • Implement Process Improvements: Identify and implement process improvements to turn identified weaknesses into strengths.
  • Leverage Your Strengths: Capitalize on your unique strengths to differentiate your business and create a clear brand narrative.

Leveraging Content Consumption Habits for Marketing Opportunities

Businesses that take the time to strategically plan their content marketing are 60% more effective in driving audience engagement and conversion. Learning the content consumption habits of your audience and leveraging them effectively drives better engagement and higher conversion rates.

The Good Fellas Growth Plan

A distinct four-step solution to digital marketing, meticulously customized for your small business. Our comprehensive, tailored strategy is not a one-size-fits-all solution and has proven to increase online presence, drive better traffic, and boost sales.