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Sat Jun 22 2019

TL/DR: Welcome to Digital Class! We are just getting started here so check back for weekly updates and other links we find that will help you on your journey to make a better web design experience.

Hello everyone and welcome to Digital Class. I am sorry that this took so long to get started, but having a newborn baby can throw a wrinkle in the best-laid plans. Let's just say I need a little sleep right now. My name is Andrew and I am the owner of Good Fellas Technology. We are a small web design firm based out of Atlanta, GA but we would love to help anyone out who needs help getting a site started or fixing that block of code you have never been able to crack.

I plan to write at least one post a week on varying topics in the world of web design to help freelancers, business owners, or curious people learn new tricks and best practices to help grow their skills. My specialty is in Node JS and I love CSS3 and making sites look beautiful and intuitive without losing speed or responsiveness based on screen size. Check back in about a week and I should have my portfolio page up and started for you to see some of the work I have done.

Thanks for dropping by,
Andrew B
Good Fellas Technology

Andew Buccellato-owner of Good Fellas Agency

Andrew Buccellato

Hello! I'm the owner and lead developer here at The Good Fellas Agency. I've been working with code for the past 10 years and started this business over 5 years ago. I mostly write about how Web Design, Digital Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization help your business grow.

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