TECHmas Day 9:

Tue Dec 20 2022

TL/DR: This powerful tool will dramatically improve your coding workflow and help you become a more productive coder. Let's learn about the difference can make.

Good Fellas 12 Days of Techmas- Day 8: Code is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to learn how to code faster than they ever thought possible. It can autocomplete code blocks, generate perfect code for your app, and even extract code from video tutorials! This powerful tool will dramatically improve your coding workflow and help you become a more productive coder. Let's learn about the difference can make.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to code but felt overwhelmed?

If you've ever wanted to learn how to code but felt overwhelmed by where to start, it's understandable - coding can be an incredibly tricky skill to develop. The bugs and broken code you will inevitably encounter along the way can make the process feel daunting, especially with no good resource to turn to for help. However, rest assured that with some effort, dedication, and a willingness to ask questions when needed, coding can be learned. But the true mark of an experienced coder is learning what code to use and what code not to use. Enter is here to help you learn coding faster than you ever thought possible. is here to simplify the process for you. The platform allows you to get code blocks swiftly, with a quick learning curve that ensures exact snippets are used in order to help you move forward. If you are stuck and watching a tutorial and you can't understand the code block exactly you can import that block so you can learn how it works. Understanding the code is the first step to becoming a successful coder, so having a tool like in your toolkit can greatly improve your ability to code quickly, and correctly and not have to worry about malicious code entering your document.

What is is an amazing tool for developers looking to expedite their programming workflow. Blackbox saves devs from manually extracting code from videos that could take hours or scouring the internet for exactly what they need. Blackbox simplifies the process by auto-completing code snippets that are relevant to your search query and even provides code snippets to programming questions you ask it in your comments in your apps (yea, this is my favorite here). Blackbox can make your coding much more efficient and enjoyable.

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What makes different? has two major features that make it different from its competitors: code block auto-completion and extracting code from video. With autocomplete code suggestions, you can be coding in no time and not have to worry about creating scary bugs in loops. Furthermore, copy code directly from the video tutorials or generate code from questions in your document to get the perfect syntax. This is truly an all-in-one performance tool that will help you complete projects faster. StackOverflow is a great resource, but will get you the code faster. I personally love asking a question in my comments and then letting Blackbox get me the exact code snippet I need to get a project started and moving.

What is Pricing? offers an approach to solving software challenges that are catered to any budget. Whether you're a student or a professional, Blackbox gives you the perfect level of access with three tiers: free, good developer ($0.75/week), or awesome developer ($1.25/week). Even if your budget doesn't allow for a larger tier, Blackbox still provides extensive support and education right out of the box as soon as you sign up - even on their free plan! However, Blackbox's $1.25 Awesome Developer tier brings with it unlimited access to Blackbox's full feature set and is definitely worth the investment if you routinely find yourself working through problems and puzzles alongside Blackbox's AI-powered software platform!

In Conclusion

Learning to code can seem like a daunting task, but with, you can be writing code in no time at all. Blackbox's simple and straightforward approach makes learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript easy and fun. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your coding journey today with Blackbox!

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