Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


Today, Google will have 1 billion searches, and each of those searches could produce a potential customer. Facebook will have up to 1.3 billion users on it this week, and your page might only reach 100. In both cases you are a click away from a potential sale and increasing your page's relevency in all search engine rankings. Digital marketing is also important because recent stistics have shown that almost 80% of e-commerce is now being done on a phone or tablet. Customers are looking to buy more than ever, but if they can't find you then how do they know what products you have to offer?


identify your audience

Be specific in who you want to target, and even think about if where they live is important. The more defined the better.

Find Your Campaign

Decide how you want your ad to serve your business. Each campaign operates differntly and has different costs.

Set Your Budget

Having the correct bid strategy and proper budget will ensure your ads are shown in the best place for your business.

Create Your ads

Make sure your headline is clear, your description is relevant and your direction goes directly to your product or landing page.

How Do We Help You?

We will use our certifications in Google Ads Network, Ananlytics to target your campaign issues and maximize your digital marketing plan. We have powerful projection tools and other resources that help us direct you in the right way and make sure that you are getting the most for your money. We offer a packages starting at $1500 so contact us to learn more.