Build A Responsive Web App Intro

Published: Tue Jul 09 2019
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Build Your Own Responsive Web App Intro

Hey everyone, after talking with a few clients about their needs for a dynamic web app, I started thinking about the process of building the web app and how I could help future developers learn to build one on their own. While this is no easy task, I thought it would be a great series, and I am going to break it down into 5 posts to let you have some time to play with and perfect your personal site in between postings. I am going to keep the development requirements free and use some sets I personally use to build sites. So without further ado, let's get this started!

UPDATE: Now that I have finished the series I have linked each of the posts from this main page. I hope that everyone who takes the time to read the 5 posts will learn something and if you get stuck do not hesitate to reach out to us. We would love your feedback in emails if you have time.

GOAL: Build a web app using MEAN stack where you can add your services in a monogDB. Use RESTFUL routing to allow you to update and change your services with authentication and authorization of page access.

REQUIREMENTS: A basic knowledge of JavaScript and nodeJs, HTML5, CSS3 and a few hours a week to work and customize your site for your needs, your computer and internet access

The Steps (and some previews)

  1. Development Environment and setting up your MEAN Stack
    • AWS C9 account and getting started
    • install NPM and Express
    • Get started connecting your app
  2. RESTful Routing and MongoDB
    • What is a RESTful routing
    • Local vs Live
    • Collections- how to define them and how they communicate with your app
  3. Organization and Express Router
    • Cleaning up your main app file
    • What is the Express Router?
    • organizing your file tree
  4. Authentication, Authorization, Connecting MongoDB to Routes, and updating your template files to match
    • Organize your main app file
    • What is the Express Router?
    • Cleaning up your file tree to make it efficient and easy to understand
  5. GIT, Hosting, ENV Variables, and finishing touches
    • GIT and how to use it
    • Hosting and Enviornment Variables
    • Hidden tricks and tips I have learned

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